As we move through the book “The Inner Earth – The Second Tunnel” by Radu Cinamar, we read about the entrance to the second tunnel at the secret base in the Bucegi Mountains in Romania.  Inside this base is the Grand Gallery and further in is the projection room.  Inside of the projection room is the entrance to the second tunnel.

What is truly amazing about the path through the complex to this tunnel is that, while it was originally a natural structure with added security, guards and check in points, it is now hidden and guarded by super advanced technology with much less human interaction.

The entrance has been changed, through unexplained technology, through the course of just a few days.  The monitoring and diversionary methods outside the entrance are done with Artificial Intelligence technology and the use of frequencies.  Frequencies are used by individuals to enter with the use of a device worn on the wrist, with iridescent openings appearing if the frequencies match.  The entrance, the Grand Gallery, the hallway to the Projection Room, and the Projection Room all have these entrances that are blocked or opened by the matching frequencies, and if you are to enter and look back, you would only see an opaque wall.

The feeling inside of this complex is one of peace and serenity, again attributed to the energies present.  The use of humans, or human processes, has been limited to avoid complications, yet all needs are met and it is quite comfortable for a stay inside.

We are told in the book, again relayed as an actual report of the experiences of Radu Cinamar, that these technologies have been brought there via secret departments in the United States in conjunction with the Romanian secret departments.

Secret departments with secret technologies – seems like it is right out of a sci-fi movie.  But I wonder, do the movies just leak out some of what is known?  Makes one wonder.

– Co-host Tryna Cooper