In our discussions about the book “Mindfulness” by Tessa Watt, we spoke of mindfulness in speaking and listening, and of the positive impact this can have on your relationships.  On page 136, it says, “You can also practice intentionally bringing mindfulness into moments of communication.”  This can be done through Listening, Speaking, and Silences.

For a brief description, I will quote the book on page 136:

“Listening.  When you are listening, just listen, with your undivided attention – not planning what you are going to say next.  If you drift off into other thoughts, gently bring yourself back to what the other person is saying.

Speaking. When you are speaking, try allowing space – taking a ‘pause’ at any time.  See if you can let whatever you say next emerge for that spaciousness rather than from a feeling of hurry and jumble.

Silences.  When no one is speaking, can you let it be that way?  Are you always the one who jumps in to make conversation?  If so, can you see what happens if you don’t?”

I found that practicing each of these brings about much more interesting and mindful conversations.  Really listening and allowing yourself the space to speak or maybe just to be in stillness, no matter how awkward it feels, can bring about a more meaningful conversation and relationship.

This and more is shared in the book “Mindfulness” by Tessa Watt that we are reading in Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network.  Please join us.

Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay