In reading Inside the Earth – The Second Tunnel, and after lively discussions with host Parisha Taylor, I found myself thinking about several different issues discussed on page 113.

The author, Radu Cinamar, writes about the trips that Cesar has taken into the tunnels that originate from the Projection Room in the complex in the Bulgeci Mountains in Romania.  He shares that Cesar has been on 34 expeditions, 7 with Romanian/American authorities and officials, and 27 by himself.  Each of these expeditions have well established protocols which could be political, commercial, military, administrative or to establish connections or gather information from inner Earth civilizations.  Radu writes the reports for the record and has been allowed to share some of the less sensitive details and information in the books.  He also shares that the Secret Service doesn’t want things disclosed, but there is a limit of disclosure of what is approved.  Radu also shares that the government officials and military don’t understand or believe what happens in the inner Earth because of a lack of esoteric knowledge and they treat things as threats or issues to control.  This stops them from opening to all the potentials.

Several questions came up for me.

How many of these secret projects, or missions, exist between governments, military and groups around the world, and how much is hidden from us?  New things are disclosed or leaked out every day, but how much is taken seriously or explored by humanity as a whole?

And more questions.  How much spiritual or esoteric knowledge have I, or we, opened ourselves up to explore or learn?  Do I, or we, treat things we don’t know or that which we have experienced as threats or issues to control?  What is solid in myself and what is me just wanting to control?

There is just so much to explore and ponder.

Co-Host Tryna Cooper