Image by Ivilin Stoyanov from Pixabay

I have been thinking about what stood out for me from the book Inside The Earth – The Second Tunnel by Radu Cinemar and there are several things that come to mind.

First, Radu gave the us the information that this is based on true information and his life experiences.  You can take that as true or not so true, but the sharing of this information has brought out possibilities of secret government programs, inner Earth cities with civilizations, travel that includes movement through dimensions and into other realms of existence, interdimensional beings from not just inside the Earth but from extraterrestrial realms as well.

Radu has presented us with ideas of technologies that defy our third dimensional realities and encourage us to look at the correlation between gravitational, electrical, and magnetic fields in the movement through matter, portals, and dimensions.  If we stay in the imaginal, we can just imagine moving from one space to another, or one dimension to another in what seems to be magnificent means of travel.

Throughout the book, Radu shares with us the idea of tunnels to Egypt, the Inner Earth, and Iraq, not to mention the Etheric Planes and other worlds; and he ends up with portals in Yosemite and the center of the planet and the sublime world of Shambala.

So much to explore!  So can you open yourself to believe a little?  Or can you open yourself to explore this even more?  There is so much more to read and experience in Radu Cinamar’s books; and so much more on the internet or in other publications.  Maybe it is the perfect time for all of us to open to the exploration of the wonders of the Earth, the Universe, and the subtle inner messages and information we can gain by exploring our own consciousness.

So much to learn and experience!  Better get started NOW!

Co-Host – Tryna Cooper