So, let’s talk about how to actually work with music to transform our emotions, our attitude, our beliefs – well, actually ourselves.  In Chapters Five and Six of the book The Secret Language of the Heart, the author Barry Goldstein shares with us how music is in us, and just like a radio, we can re-tune ourselves by the use of a playlist for a specific adjustment.

Have you ever found yourself in a funk, a nasty mood, or upset and just can’t shake it?  Or, have you found yourself in a state of joy and you just want more or bigger?   Or have you ever looked to music to inspire you or change your mood?  Music connects with us and as the author explains, it literally can shift your emotions and consciousness.  When we know what our favorite song is, our happy song, it can be considered our musical pinnacle.  One that will raise us out of our funk, or lift us higher, or inspire us.  Well imagine a playlist of songs, ones that make you happy. Or maybe, maybe multiple playlists, ones that bring about gratitude, joy, inspiration, peace, relaxation, motivation, and to work with our energy centers. Its like having your own music station to help you and transform you.  Chapters Five and Six will teach you how to create your own playlist to use when you wish, to bridge you from one emotion to another, one state of being to another.

And there are other things to consider to use music to bridge your emotions or set the mood at an event.  Consider the songs at a wedding.  Relaxing and inviting in the beginning, moving into loving songs or inspirational for the ceremony, moving into party music for the reception.  That is one way to use music to bridge the emotions or the moods.  Consider where you want to go and what you want to achieve.  Then look at the volume, the tempo, the genre, the rhythm, the melody, the key, the lyrics, the frequencies, the chords, and maybe you just love the song.  It brings back a great memory that supports you in the moment.  There is much to consider when building a playlist, but the great news is that this book can teach you how, even give suggestions for songs.  So ,make it fun and use it all the time for your health and transformation.

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Image by Elisa from Pixabay