How does music impact us, and can it help us to transform?  Music is amazing.  It touches our heart and even our brain, bringing up emotions and even old memories.  It can make us feel empowered, calm, excited, and we can use it to help us get in a state to create, sleep, and just chill out.  Moving into three and four of the book The Secret Language of the Heart, the author Barry Goldstein explains the connection between music and the brain and how music can help us to transform by moving us into another time and space.

Our brains can engage with music, songs, and it can enhance our emotions, memory, learning, healing, and attention.  When we hear inspiring music, we become inspired.  When we hear relaxing music, we become relaxed.  When music activates our brain, we can learn, heal, and create.  We can play instruments, sing, chant, dance, drum, and play with the music and transform ourselves.

Our brain becomes entrained, synchronized, with the specific frequencies of the music to move us into the different brainwave states – beta (awake), alpha (calm, relaxed), theta (deep relaxation, meditative, imaginal), and delta (deep, dreamless sleep).  Science has measured the frequencies of the brain in these states and have also studied the impact of using the frequencies in music to move our brains into these states.  Our brains change frequencies with the use of the frequencies of music.  Just amazing!

So, how is music a vehicle or messenger for transformation?  Well, we can use it to inspire, to aid in creativity.  Even more so, music can bring us back to a place in time by evoking a memory.  We hear a song and are transported to that time and place with vivid detail, like we are reliving it. The author says that “Songs give definition to our emotions and create the soundtrack of our lives.”

Songs can be messengers, as well, when a song comes on and we hear the words and it gives us an “Ah-Ha” moment, when it means something to us that activates us or heals us.  Barry Goldstein also states, “These are soul messages that are inviting you to listen more deeply to what truths your spirit is trying to convey.”

I know for me, I was thinking about something happening in my life creation and the song that showed up was “Run For The Roses” by Dan Fogelberg.  Specifically, the part of the chorus that says, “Your fate is delivered, your moment’s at hand, it’s a chance of a lifetime in a lifetime of chance, and it’s high time you joined in the dance.”  It hit me profoundly and brought me to tears.  Then Barry Goldstein’s quote written above about songs as soul messages came into my awareness.  Definitely a message for me to hear.

So, the question is, what is your heart song for the moment?  What is your music?  He asks, “Is there something lying dormant in you, waiting to be sung? … Maybe it’s something that you are waiting to share in the world or have put on hold.”  There are questions asked at the end of chapter four to help you discover your heart song.

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay