“In practicing mindfulness, we don’t see thoughts as a problem”, Tessa Watt explains in her book “Mindfulness – A Practical Guide.” In fact, she explains, she says we should actually start to make friends with them and see their patterns.  We can also actually become aware of their triggers and how they appear, grow and move.

We can actually notice the thoughts as they appear during times of mindfulness or meditation and simply label them as “thinking.”  We don’t have to judge or make them good or bad, and we can notice and let them go.

I really loved the comparison in the book of thoughts as clouds in the sky of the mind.  Some of them wispy or small, some of them dark and heavy, and some of them just fill our mind.  And we can observe them and recognize that our thoughts are not us, who we are.  They are also not facts, and we need to observe and get curious about them.

And one of the craziest things that our mind does is it creates a chain of thoughts.  It might start with a small thought and then the thoughts might snowball into crazy bigger thoughts that might fall deeper into negative thoughts about ourselves and our lives.  As an example, it might start with “They sure got off the phone fast” to “They didn’t want to talk to me” to “They don’t really like me” to “Nobody really likes me.”  You can write down that chain of thoughts and challenge them – are these worries or fears coming up, what triggered it, and get curious and ask questions.

This and more is shared in the book “Mindfulness” by Tessa Watt that we are reading in Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network.  Please join us.


Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

(Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay)