As we begin the book, The Secret Language of the Heart by composer and author, Barry Goldstein, he immediately begins in Chapter One – “The Music Within” – to connect us to our own inner music, that which connects us to all things; our heartbeat, our breath, and to my surprise, our sigh.  I had heard of the heartbeat and the breath, but I had not thought much about our sigh – out loud and vocal – as a way to bring us into our own rhythm and coherent flow.

When we are stressed, it takes a toll on our bodies, yes, our bodies – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  I have related before in one of my blogs that when one of our bodies is out of balance, whether it is pain in the physical, anxiety in the emotional, chatter in the mind, or disconnection from our core spirit, we get out of balance, and it affects all of our other bodies.  The author echoes this, and he shares that we can connect with our heart rhythm, our breath, and use an audible sigh to help bring us back into balance where all our bodies are in coherence, internally and with the world around us. This balance helps us heal and helps us to open to our inner guidance.

If we think of our heart rhythm as the beat that is the foundation of how we connect, rhythmic or scattered and racing, we find our starting point.  If we think of our breath as the conductor that leads this internal rhythm section and we use our breath to move to a slow flow focusing on the heart, we begin to bring about balance to our internal systems.  And if we use our audible sigh to release tension and stuck energy, we can move into a state of balance and healing, and to openness to receive the higher guidance and intuition we all have innately within us. This is just such a beautiful and powerful gift we have within us once we become conscious of it and we learn how to use it.

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Photo by Oleksandr Canary Islands on Pexels