Have you ever really thought about life as movement?  Nothing stays still, whether it is in nature or in us.  We are constantly moving, changing, facing resistance and breaking through.  Our minds and bodies are in constant movement, and on a deeper level we have spirit or soul moving with intuition and creation.

We are finishing up the book “Matter Into Feeling” by Dr Fred Alan Wolf, where he has taken us on a journey through the new alchemy of science and spirit, combining and merging quantum physics with the meanings of Hebrew letters through ancient teachings.  And, in this journey we have explored the movements of life; those of self-identity, dream to reality, wave to feeling, the trickster of memory and beliefs, balance, sexual energy, the universe, self to soul, and finally the structure of love, the movement of life.  So much movement in the push and pull of life.

The movement is not controllable, but we can navigate it.  As we learn about ourselves and become aware of our demands, emotions, addictions, we can become the observer and we can consciously make the choices we need to create the life we want.  The secret is in becoming aware of ourselves, making friends and loving ourselves for who we are and what moves us.  And life is never completely still, always in some movement.  We can choose what we want to make of it.  We can live life in joy, conscious creation, and loving peace.

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by Marcel from Pixabay