Creating Heaven on Earth is all up to us. By that, I mean, we create our own heaven or hell by the way we relate to our own words and the words of others. In reading Chapter Two and Three, The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz, the author speaks about the power of words and how we take other’s words personally or how we take in other’s assumptions about us. The chapters also relate to how our mind creates its own assumptions about us based on old experiences and programs, and how we take our own thoughts personally. The important point is that what they say, or what our mind says, is really about the other person, or it is based on our old not-to-be-trusted memories.

So, whether we live in a Heaven on Earth, or a Hell, is the way we take in these words or assumptions. If we know ourselves and we are confident, and we love ourselves, then what others say or the silly thoughts our minds conjure up really won’t affect us. That is because we really know who we are. If they impact us greatly, we are reacting to old wounds or fear. So, it makes sense to spend the time to figure out who you are, especially exploring deeply if there is resistance, fear or negativity in your thoughts or actions. It is also important to know that what others say about you is really about them, not you.

Just get to know yourself. Be loving and confident with yourself. Hold to who you truly are. And don’t take personally what others say or what they assume about you. You are important. Go out and share yourself and create a Heaven on Earth for you and others.
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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by John Hain from Pixabay