While finishing up the second chapter of Inside The Earth – The Second Tunnel, I realized how the author, Radu Cinemar, keeps circling around the issue of a hollow Earth and all of the scientific teachings that speak to the Earth as solid, pointing out how each scientific teaching of what is inside the Earth can be challenged and discredited.  He repeats over and over that all the scientific teachings are based on theory and assumptions, and none have been proved.

Yet with each point he makes, I find my own mind first saying “Wow! This new info is so amazing!” and then my mind begins to bring up questions and doubts. I first think “This info feels like Truth!”, and then the mind comes up with all the reasons it cannot be so.  I can see how hardwired my mind is, so I tell it to be open and look at the possibilities.  How cool would it be if all the new info on a hollow Earth proves to be true!?!  Is this a theory or is this a well-hidden Truth?

I googled “Hollow Earth Theory Proof” and found so many articles, in support and, also as fantasy.  There are stories of Admiral Byrd, scientists that have supported like Edmond Halley in the late 17th century and others that don’t, and the stories of the indigenous peoples, some religions and ancient civilizations that speak to the existence of civilizations existing inside the Earth. So, I have decided to keep an open mind and explore as much as I can.  Who knows, I might just find, or better yet, experience the Truth.  I invite you to be open and explore too.

Co-Host Tryna Cooper