Here are some of the points that stood out to me in Chapter 4

He shows us how doing what you love has an effect on how you do your job.

He observes that “When your vocation and your vacation are the same, you have begun to master your life.

When you do what you love, you put everything into it. If we think we are in a job that is unsatisfying he shows there are ways to appreciate it.

One of these ways is consciously linking our desires and goals with the actions we take in our jobs every day This lets us appreciate what we do and how it is helping us meet our goals.

He talks about an exercise where we write down our job description and define everything we do in great detail. Then write down a list of our values or what’s most meaningful in our life.

Then go down the list, item by item, and link each and every one of our job tasks to our highest values and goals.

When I did that I realized that some of the tasks I was doing really did coincide with my greater goals and started me thinking how I could do it better. It gave value to the tasks I considered mundane.

When he’s hiring people he determines what the persons real dream is to see if they are a match for the position. If the position is not aligned with their passion he encourages them to follow their passion.

Gives the example of a manager position he was looking to fill. He asked the

If I gave you five million dollars, what would you do with your life?”

The man said he would make furniture and so he ended the interview and engouraged the man to follow that passion.

The man came back to thank him since had followed his dream and started a furniture business.

Demartini believes we all know our missions and dreams.

But some people are living in one of 7 different fears , of breaking some moral code, not being smart enough, failing, loosing money or family, rejection, ill health.

And if we took away those fears we could easily understand our purpose

To get in touch with your dream, he suggests to get in touch with what you are already grateful for in life and ask the question.

• What can you do for hours and not even notice time passing by.

To keep focused on our goals he suggests writing your goals down. To have a book full of very specific objectives related to how exactly you wants your life to be, clear and specific goals.

He also asks Imagine that the most amazing person in the world is coming to visit you. Would you change anything in your house or in your schedule to prepare for this visit?