Have you ever considered that what you believe about the world, in particular the composition of the inner Earth, is totally based on theory?  That is one of the ideas being presented in the current book, The Inner Earth – The Second Tunnel.

I never really thought about it before – the idea that the inner earth might be completely different than what I was taught in science class – the crust, the mantle, the core.  And, I never really considered that the teaching was based on a theory, a hypothesis.  I just accepted what I was taught.  But has it ever really been proven?  Has anyone ever drilled to the core of the Earth to prove what is taught?  Or could it be more like the story “Journey to the Center of the Earth” or the reports of Admiral Bird?  Or…..?

Then, I wonder – how many other things have I been taught in my life that really are based on a theory, a hypothesis, an old tradition?  This seems to me to be like the story of the traditional recipe that calls for cutting off the ends of the roast before it is roasted, only to find out later that Great Grandma did that, not to make it taste better, but to fit it in the pan.

It could be time to question, to research, and to explore – time to look for Truth.  What if the inner Earth is a whole new world? It is time open to new possibilities, and the ideas that really push you “out of the box” of your current beliefs.  Exploring really is fun!  And if you want a place to start, get the book “The Inner Earth – The Second Tunnel” and join us on Quantum Leap Book Club to explore an “out of the box” adventure that presents a tale of what really is in the inner Earth.