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The book Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself – How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Dr. Joe Dispenza is all about the concept that if you change your mind, your totally change your life.

Do you find yourself wishing that your life could be different?  Do you think about all the issues you have or the feelings you have and want to change them?  Do you get super stressed out with all the pressures or with your monkey mind just running the same worries and fears and negative thoughts?

The problem is that you are trying to solve your problems with the same mindset and thoughts that created them in the first place.  In order to create something different, you have to do and think something different. Albert Einstein is usually attributed with the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  Well, insanity is what we do when we try to solve a problem or attempt to change our lives with the same thoughts and mindset.  The truth is that we create our lives from the inside out, so in order to change, we have to change inside.

In a quote from the book it says, “What has profoundly and positively changed my life, and the lives of so many others, is the understanding the changing one’s mind-and thereby having new experiences and gaining new insights- is simply a matter of breaking the habit of being oneself.”  You have to overcome and unmemorized the old programming that you have installed in your mind through your past experiences and thinking, and install new programming into your beautiful mind to make the changes.  Did you know that every time you experience something different, or you learn something new, you are no longer the person you were before you brought that new programming into your mind?  So, why wait?  Why not start adding new life-changing programs now!  Why wait until you hit bottom or have a major crisis to start with the change.  You have the power and the ability to create these changes inside to create the changes outside! You are much more powerful than you know!  So read the book, take a class, start meditation, join a discussion group – and smile.  Even smiling at the simplest thing can create a new day and new way for you.

So, if you really want to change your life, then change your mind!  Learn how to do this through the book Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself – How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Dr. Joe Dispenza, and join us on Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network to listen to the discussion where we are all working to change our lives by changing our minds.

Co-Host – Tryna Cooper