Can you build wealth with gratitude?  I would answer YES!  But there has to be an attitude of gratitude in all you do and think and act for wealth to grow.  In Chapter 5 of The Gratitude Effect, by Dr John Demartini, we explore “How to Build Wealth with the Power of Gratitude.”  This chapter doesn’t just deal with financial wealth and abundance, but it looks at all the riches that surround you.  They all grow with gratitude based on what you value.  It could be an abundance of wealth in friends and family, in children, in business, in your body, in your religion or spirituality, or in many other things.

The author says, “If you take one thing from this chapter, let it be the knowledge that you are not missing wealth.”  We all have wealth in so many places.  Just look at nature around you.  It is full of abundance.  Sometimes we just don’t notice and sometimes we just don’t appreciate it and give gratitude for it.  Remember the saying “Where your attention goes, the energy flows.”  So it goes for gratitude; where you direct it, wealth grows and abundance flows.

If you are ungrateful and grumpy, you create less and you can actually create the opposite.  People and opportunities head another direction.  When you are grateful, even for the smallest thing or for the challenges you face, you attract more to be grateful for – money, opportunities, friendships, family, investments and miracles of abundance and wealth that you were not expecting.

And when it comes to money, when you have a cause for it, you know how to manage it, and you want it to have an amazing effect, your gratitude grows and excitement grows, and money flows. Begin to give gratitude for all that is coming even before you receive it and see what happens.  Appreciate yourself and your wealth so more flows in.

So, appreciate all the abundance, give gratitude to all the wealth in you life, welcome it with open hearts and arms, and give gratitude before you have even received it. Just wait to see what happens.

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by John Hain from Pixabay