I already had a strong interest in reading this book about Inner Earth before I even opened the covers for the first time. I have always loved hearing Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha when she gave glimpses of her experiences. In addition, my personal experiences visiting caverns and caves definitely stimulated extreme interest to discover more of what was under the exterior surface of our planet Earth. Each visit to the Grand Canyon has added to my desire to explore more. Realizing the Grand Canyon is a split in our Planet Earth, what I witnessed there in the colors, shapes and multiple different formations always seemed to me a taste of the variety I could experience in a journey into the interior of the planet I call home. I also experienced a sense of a different energy when I looked down into the depths of the Grand Canyon. All the time, I was very aware this was only a short distance into the interior compared to the vast distance from the outside of Earth to the center.

Now having spent since Feb 3 reading and discussing the pages we have covered on QLBC, my interest grows each week. Our author, Radu, has such an amazing method of presenting the information. In these weeks of taking the journey with Radu we have been introduced to a major range of ideas and information – most of which are brand new to me. Perhaps the most intriguing piece for me is the requirement to become a very evolved Being before I would be able to move into the depths of the planet. To contemplate and ponder on different levels of existence, each requiring advances in my energy frequencies, has given me a deepening desire to achieve physical and spiritual changes to make it a possibility to take such a journey.

Radu’s style of sharing with the reader his discussions with Dr. Xien and Cezar Brad, the 2 experts in our book, gives the reader a feeling of being a bystander listening to every word. Many of Radu’s questions are similar to what the reader might be asking in similar circumstances.

The intrigue about the actual discovery in the Bucegi Mountains in Romania include the political issues involved between United States who made the actual discovery, the country of Romania and then the addition of China due to good relations at the time between Romania and China. The advanced technology used to conceal what they had discovered is certainly beyond my comprehension. To attempt to get my head around advanced use of energy fields to prevent any intended invasion is mind provoking to say the least. With transformation of the local geography, through advanced technology used by the powers involved, a physical camouflage was created to guarantee that the Projection Hall and the Great Gallery could not be found. In the short period of three days, the camouflage was achieved which included extending the mountain outward leaving no outward signs that the mountainside had been altered. Such a project would have taken weeks to accomplish with known methods.