The second agreement “Don’t Take Anything Personally”.

Listening to this on an audiobook I find phrases repeating back to me at different times during the day.  A recent key one being:

you’re being selfish if you take anything personally and another that the only way they someone else’s can harm you is, if you agree with it.

So I could spend some time running back over the different times of felt hurt by another person and their words or actions and then see if you agree with it. Do you agree with whatever you made up if you thought that person was showing you that you’re not important, or you’re not worth it , then really, your interpretation of the situation is the unveiling of your belief about yourself. It’s nothing to do with them.

Speeding through that it’s not dwell too long in the history of things that could make one feel down, I come Saturday I can looking glass back through life Not had to look at the emotion of points of win, taken something personally when someone said it punctuate time.

There’s a common theme noticing that it is a common theme in the agreement that is in my interpretation of what somebody else said to me or done to me I realise that the common factor is myself. Well, this could be a bit on a thing destabilising for a short time, short as we allow it, it’s also powerful. Powerful because after that, initial down feeling and recognising it is an increase in emotional response all the way up to being able to laugh at it at this point, it goes whatever that agreement was that wasn’t really you it’s gone,

All the best
Elaway De’Ye’Ng Li’ta

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