How easy is it for us to dismiss elements that are not familiar to our daily activity ?

Life becomes quite amazing when we wipe the dust from our eyes. When we open our ears to different storeys when we open our eyes and look for different scenes, when we ask what if.

Having this part of the book, Journey to the Centre of the Earth the Second Tunnel by Radu Cinamar, on/in my mind parallels in other Sciences became apparent. A key example is that of ancient history. In another post we can go into the names and details but here I’d like to share of archaeologist whose work includes speaking with the First Peoples from all around the world gathering information and facts looking at the information with new light with new ways indeed. Listening and being open to there being other possibilities. Reinterpreting with new eyes and ears. Through this not one historian but many have shown the commonality’s between ancient civilizations so called myths and storeys. Easy ones for science are the example of the great flood which is recorded through many cultures as is the aftermath of the flood plus there is physical evidence of the flood.

Something different though is the interpretation of how it happened and also interpretations of things like Noah’s Ark taking an animal of each species on to the Ark so that it would be safe and could re-populate. Now there is evidence of advanced civilizations with deep knowledge of genetics the preservation of DNA and the recreation of species from that DNA.

While in the day the Storey was written it may have been easier to be explained to the masses by describing it was taking a male and female of each animal get in our modern world where indeed we are doing DNA banks , particularly of botanical material, with the aim of recreating these and having them as a DNA source should they ever need to be called upon. So looking with more openness we can see that indeed the arc could be a DNA bank saved above the water’s ready for the recreation of species after the deluge and flood had gone down.

Yet like with the theory of the black hole the storeys from the historians about the DNA or about how megalithic structures come about or on the great alignments of megalithic stones with star systems and indeed stargates and communications universally. As our technology moves forward we come closer to what ancient peoples have always known and still share openly. This is indeed a time to listen and learn .

May the reading of the Journey into the Centre of the Earth be a parallel of an increase in awareness questioning and recognition throughout all that we have been taught. Through this awakening we discover indeed the magnificence that we are. I heard a quote on something today that said “in the end even Darth Vader was redeemed” the quote was referring to how it doesn’t matter how bad we think we are it’s all part of a journey and there is never a moment where we cannot step into the light and be our magnificent self.  A self that is eternally part of the whole with a thirst for understanding and being.

You make a difference and You Matter

Geraldene Dalby-Ball   Ecologist  Sydney Australia
Elaway De’Ye’Ng Li’ta