In an earlier post, I shared the following from chapter 7 of Dr. Wolf’s introduction to us of the fact that the future is the source of how our present moments unfold and how the influence moves in two directions. Dr. Wolf labels the movement from future to present as “feedback” and the movement from present to future as “feedforward”.

Again, to quote from the author on page 135. “Feedback from the future appears to the mind as intuition and thought. Feedforward from the past appears as feelings and perceptions of senses.” 

 I see this information as an expansion of information given on page 51 when Dr. Wolf suggests the following experiences of people relate to the fact that the future is feeding information to us in the present. He gives two examples. One being the common experience for people of being overwhelmed by a feeling seemingly out of the blue. The second being the experience of deep insights – coming out of nowhere and providing flashes of intuition.  Dr. Wolf states that these Inner visions act as guides of future actions and offer a hint of what is to come in future.

 I share this information as I am very intrigued with the idea that our minds and bodies have awareness in the future well in advance of when the actual experience is ours in the present moment. I find this very worth pondering as I see value in opening myself to unexpected feelings and insights that seem to come from nowhere but can serve as accurate guides to decisions that we face in the so-called present moment.

 I see this is a profound invitation to take seriously unexpected feelings, insights, thoughts, and sensations which seem to come from nowhere. I believe our minds can serve us better when we open ourselves and take seriously what the future is offering us.

 If these ideas intrigue you, I encourage you to explore Dr. Wolf’s ideas in the book “Matter into Feeling”.

Joyce Mollenhauer, cohost

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