When it comes to breaking the habit of being yourself, particularly when you’re in the same environment and have associative memories with all that’s going on around, tools are so helpful. In this case the Manifestation Wheel was used to write and feel how each day is. Written in present tense it includes having the courage to speak up when things can be done/said better, being delighted by the day and had a description of the waking up, described in detail, how the alarm goes off and the room, and the feelings, the attitude towards the lectures (same room the same lectures) and responding differently from a new view point – this is how is the chemistry differently.

Creating a new version of you included that awareness to have the courage to look to see what would be different in oneself what is to let go off. The simple one I’ve been looking at today and the last week is stopping the chemical release of adrenaline and fear about imagined sharks when swimming in deep water or off the side of a boat. Coming from Australia knowing there are some shark attacks, not many though, I have had a fear of ‘sharks’ more a fear of the unknown – if there’s something that can’t be seen then it maybe harmful – an imagined shadow, a re-run of some suspense film section of You-tube!

Now currently in Aqua blue to turquoise crystal clear water in Turkey where even if there is a shark it’s a foot or less long and not interested in me. So a great place to work on the catching the first thought:
“I wonder what is over there, or under me, or … I feel the chemistry want to dash and swim fast to the ladder, some times I do!. Then where there I stay hanging on the edge – stop that chemistry, breath and push slowly back off the ladder back into the blue. My mask looking down there is blue on blue – so many little particles that the light is scattered. Not so clear here – but sooo blue. Light dances seemingly up from the unseen bottom. The words rise again: I’m out here in a big space by myself quickly swim back to the ladder and get on the yacht”. Stopping these imaginings of an undesirable world and internal chemistry. Living according to my biochemistry so that which I imagine is as powerful as that which I experience. So why not imagine (and in this case match it to the reality here) of swimming in turquoise blue warm water with the dancing of the light as I look through the mask and snorkel. Breath, breath. Long exhale – beautiful.

When we can find one of these very tangible experiences (an anxiety arising from a known set of triggers) it can be a good one to work with. Changing thoughts and thus feelings can be like moving the flow of water from one creek line but it is engraved to another it takes first the observing that there is something to change. The courage to change it. Knowing what it looks like when different, what that can look like, feel like, taste like.
Implementing the tools that enable the halting of that thought feeling sequence move to the new one that you’re creating.

The conversation with the person in Tasmania was also around housewarming gift of ceramic plates that she had given to someone recently. The recipient, a young fellow and first share house renting, said all they’re so good I’ll use them for special occasions. Another of their friends echoed this concept of putting things away. Then there was also the view point if the sun has arisen that day this is a very good occasion. Knowing that every day is full life as shared by Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. Every day we can start with new foundations and a new operating system. So join with us through Quantum Leap Book Club in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and re-creating the best of You – who you really are before the layers were added, for the ways of being the best version of You.

Geraldene Dalby-Ball
Elaway De’Ye’Ng Li’ta