In the second chapter of our new book, Matter Into Feeling by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, the author speaks to dreams.  When and why do dreams come true?

We all dream, whether it be while we are sleeping or daydreaming or visioning.  It could even be when we are wishing for something or brainstorming.  Every living thing has a drive to create.  And everything we create comes from a “dream” or a thought.  What is the difference between the “dreaming” and the creating or “having”?  It really boils down to feeling and action!  When we allow the thought or wish or dream to float by, and we don’t really put any feeling or action into it, it just passes through.  How many of these do you suppose you have in a day?  Better yet, how many do you act upon?  A dream only remains a seed thought until you add action and make it something tangible.

The great point to this is that everything comes from the dream placed in action!  We all have the ability to see future possibilities which brings the future into the present, and we have the ability to take action.  As the author says, “We face life as a series of creative moments – everchanging into something new and yet something familiar at the same time.”

I think it is quite fun and exciting to think that my life is a flow of constant creation, living the imaginal into something physical all the time.  You can think of yours that way too!  What do you want to create next?

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by Cole Stivers from Pixabay