*Chapter 1 the science of you the quantum you*
Embrace the concept:
My subjective mind has an influence on my objective World.
Where I direct my attention where I put my focus is why are direct to the energy.

So look where do I put my focus?

My perception and awareness is matched with the frequency and speed of what is seen or not yet seen (not yet seen – very difference from the unseen as we can perceive it yet the brain doesn’t decipher it – doesn’t pass the message on of what it does not know).

Do I want it – what’s the fear of letting go?
You might float away?

Yes this Beauty way (being cause of all within you and thus outside of you) is done with grace and charm and BEINGNESS

**Chapter 2 overcoming the environment*
It’s all about coherence, my mind and body being in unison.

The electro and the magnetic and that’s why it works.

So by upping the consciousness, by increasing awareness, I can choose. How in present time am I?  The more present the more attention I have available (attention units) thus the more focused and effective I am.

In present time with attention focus on the precise outcome, combined with that uplifting feeling there is outcome.

So watch the thoughts-no them.
With feelings-no them.

So how applicable is this right now to you to babies to assisting halting a mood becoming a personality?
See and sense my emotions.
So I know them. What is that feeling?
When it is invisible-not seen, okay yes it sounds ridiculous, it’s probably always seen.
Still attractive-what does attractive mean?
I attract.

Well how good am I acting what is in my vision?

Is my vision in the highest and best good?

Know this:

Experiencing joy makes more neural connections for that.

So can you go there more easily

Then imagine all the outcomes when attracting Joy.
You make joy!!

*Chapter 3 overcoming the body*
Who or what is residing is negativity in the body?
Singh from Lucy need the full strength the full dose to get to every cell son will be resistant.

Like receptor sites on a cell membrane so to other cells in the body. Need to go cold turkey to stop the cell making the receptor sites, need to go cold turkey on those cells. No other cells average a life each a microcosm of multiple lifeforms. Forms in forms.
So it is about the micro and macro again.
Do it on one plane and affect the rest.
Change thought equals change chemistry three equals changed instructions.
Post note it may not be this life‘s negativity that stored in the body.
The body is also a continual the body is a cell in the larger organism of creation in the third dimension.

In the third dimension is a creation on the line, in the form of residence, of the global(as in the globes). Space time. Space time is a resonance on the Galactic.

*Chapter 4 overcoming time*

Making thought more real than anything else. Nelson Mandela example.

To experience joy equals to have neurons for this. Practice!

Time wow it really is that way: attention in present time is going through the door of the Quantum

Time space in present time to know and feel elevated emotions.
Realising now the cells flushed with dominant chemicals of fear, anticipation of fear, need to protect, be resilient, stand to look after own, protector, handle anything needed, take responsibility – what is this word?

I say respond with ability but do I?
Yes often. But look at when not. Not is when the action required may make someone not like you.  Am I in alignment with who I say I am and what I stand for. See it-okay Good Awareness brings change See, Feel, Know.

Chapter 5 living in survival versus living in creation Like an angry scare dog, old injured on a street, barking as the rescue team lift it to the waiting car… The body knows to bark and to fight too. Without knowing the endpoint the reactionary is stronger than the current. Thus to not be the fighting dog, who barks and goes to feebly attack, and blames the rescue person for the current disturbance… Be, Do, Have.
Exactly that
Be in cause
Be allowing of process
Be in love with journey
Didn’t come with all the lessons done
The enquiry is the ‘how’ of
I lift myself I lift 1000 others.

1) Get clear on the thought, The What it is you want of any particular (to have it, to feel it, to be it)..
2) With the clear though of ‘The What’ APPLY the positive emotion (energy in motion).
3) Have focus on the outcome (The What) and
4) Emanate coherence (thoughts and feelings combined) having the knowing and gratitude of, The What, now.

The Quantum Field and I find each other. This is beyond Time and space.

All the best

Elaway De’Ye’NgLi’ta

Geraldene Dalby-Ball
Ecological Consultants Australia
[email protected]