Quantum Leap Book Club is currently discussing the book, “The Gratitude Effect” by Dr. John Demartini. Our author, at the beginning of this book, acknowledges the common experience of many human beings of spending much of life SEEKING.  The something we are seeking varies from person to person because of our uniqueness. In his professional programs, developed from his own life experiences, he has proven that it is the challenges of life that famous people have mastered that led them to the powerful contributions they have given to our world.

Dr. Demartini shares a common tendency of human beings to be expert at describing all the “miseries” each is challenged with and accepting blessings with little and only superficial thought or value.

Throughout this easy-to-read book, he makes his powerful points through real life stories of individuals he has witnessed being transformed by their personal experiences of gratitude. It is interesting that the full depth of gratitude is often experienced after the fact.

The author clearly leads people to seeing their lives from a wider perspective. He then leads individuals to reach an understanding that surpasses in most cases any possibility they might have been seeking. His clear linking of spirituality as a way of life to include gratitude as a vital process is demonstrated in the stories he shares.

Once we allow ourselves to let go of the limited “boxes” we live in which created a framework dependent on our physical senses, we then can open ourselves to heartwarming experiences of our connections with each other.

With achieving our lives in a state of love and gratitude, the powerful outcome includes:

  1. Our consciousness expands.
  2. Our sensory awareness is exceeded.
  3. Our sphere of influence expands as we apply and live love and gratitude.
  4. We influence people at great distances.
  5. We can be influenced by people at a distance if we tune in.  By becoming thankful we often are gifted by the other person reciprocating.
  6. There are no limits of potential experiences when we live with openhearted gratitude.

The author’s story of learning to read is powerful and a true demonstration of what is possible with sheer determination and pure gratitude. He mastered the ability to read because of intensive effort and determination.  This experience led him to have a genuine ability of leading others past what he calls “one’s favorite lie”. The author’s lie was a result of a teacher announcing when he was 7 years of age that he had reading and learning limitations. Ten years later, he made the determination to learn to read and with time, effort, and gratitude for his progress, he became a master at reading.

I encourage all, who read this short article, to explore for yourself this excellent book, “The Gratitude Effect” by Dr. John Demartini.  I know that you will be rewarded by the changes in your life!

Dr. Joyce Mollenhauer, ND, BSN, RN, Nurse Coach

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