Our author, Radu Cinamar, in his book “Inside the Earth – The Second Tunnel” continues to lead us on the journey of exploring planes of existence beyond the physical plane of materiality. Radu discusses the common theories of our scientists who have developed the hypothesis that the internal structure of our planet Earth is a solid core of iron and nickel. Contemporary science has come to that conclusion through research related to seismic waves. Dr. Xien patiently explains to Radu along with all of readers of this fascinating book, that the scientists’ theory is what he terms an “approximation of what might be”. Dr. Xien makes a very definitive statement with the following words: “BUT what they (the scientists) imagine does not exist”.  Dr. Xien adds this concluding statement; “they have far too little evidence to make such claims”.

As one reader, I find myself relating to the tendency to conclude my thoughts of issues or observations in my life on what “appears to be true” and/or what “might be” true. I accept such personal thoughts of mine as an invitation to be open to more accurate information before I come to any conclusions of where actual truth lies.

Dr. Xien goes on to teach the readers of the different planes of manifestation that are part of Planet Earth. These are the telluric realm or physical plane, the etheric realm and the higher etheric plane as it passes over to the astral plane. He also introduces us to the understanding of what he calls the “Right Vision” where the cause originates from a superior plane beyond the material plane and moves vertically versus horizontally. This is a correction of the wrong vision of contemporary science which has held the belief that the cause and effect both occur in the same plane/the physical plane.