Two ‘boys’ (Barry Goldstein and Joe Dispenza) both interested in music from an early age.  Very different early experiences and then later life outcomes.   Dr. Joe Dispenza sharing his beginning life of music and pounding away on the piano keys and halting to get them right and having his father bang on the roof from the upstairs if he heard any of the pieces being played wrong.

So it was very much about, it had to be done and done precisely. The young Joe Dispenza had been feeling quite passionate about music and really looking forward to playing it without the need to look at they keys. However given the drudgery of the practice the music  went to the side and other interests took their place.

On the contrary, we had the sharing by Barry Goldstein that his early days were quite a delightful start, and he recalls listening to his mother singing songs and having her fingers with him on the piano so he could feel each tap of a key and how it was. And trained or in alignment with, in communication with her voice.

Barry Goldstein said it was such a beautiful experience that the music, the voice, and the piano together filled the space and even the space between the sounds was full and when the music wasn’t there, it was definitely missing.

Hearing that difference in upbringing and seeing that Barry Goldstein’s passion and purpose still is the music. We’re not saying it’s wrong or right, but Joe Dispenza is doing fantastic things of his own. But it was an interesting comparison of the, um, the way that the two different parents worked with their children who were both interested as young people and to see the outcomes.

And as we know, everything has a purpose. So there’s a reason for the outcome. So no good or bad or judgment, but an interest in the difference hearing how Barry Goldstein shares that he had that time of going through then, the more domesticated version of oneself going to work at a certain time, clocking on at a certain time, being told the deadlines, move forward, staying up for a late night, getting something done, and then revolving around again, the mouse wheel around and around. And how that can lead to not loving music so much anymore. After 10 years, getting to that point of saying, mm-hmm it’s got to be different.

Reaching back to that time of inspiration and deciding to just play to allow what the heart showed. And that’s led to his multiple, multiple wins. In being recognized for his music.  More than that, multiple outcomes in the effects that are brought about by the people who listen to this music, this music that can take people on a journey, take them deep inside themselves, take the through guided relaxations, guided processes.

Music can help shift the internal chemistry and moods. So that’s the setting for our book. Join us on Quantum Leap Book Club as we explore not only the words but the music, but the application is also streaming on Law of Attraction radio network. Visit also the Facebook site of Quantum Leap Book Club and share your comments or questions. You are needed as your fingerprint is individual, so is your internal music. Let it be part of the overall song.