Side Note: Some books are better read aloud. For me, this is one of them. Reading a paragraph aloud, stopping. Finding a word I don’t fully understand. Looking it up in the dictionary, saying it to myself and moving on. Ready again with renewed enthusiasm.

Opening a new world of potential time travel, of looking at the elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Fire and Thought.   A new way seeing the similarities of fire and thought both rapid of earth and the physical sensation. Even the word sensation, and that’s when I had to look up common word I know. But to actually look it up gave me a deeper sense of appreciation.

To sense something is to be able to pick it up with the physical body. Let’s not literally pick it up, but pick up the presence of it, whether it be that it was a wind across your skin or a pressure of an object; the tickle of a feather; these sensations are picked up by the body and need not thought nor feeling.

Water being like Feeling.

Remembering the term energy in motion – Emotion.

Like a wave of water washing over us. Emotion can come in a wave and it need not include the thought of sensation.

Air and Intuition.
That wonderful element of air seemingly invisible, yet moving and influencing. Seemingly not there, then there, like intuition. Not a conscious thought of something, but it just appears like the air moving the leaves on the tree.

Typical of this book is the invitation to ponder.
Ponder meaning to allow one’s thoughts, not just to think about it, but to relax with it.
Allow other perspectives to come forward, like looking at an object by walking all around it rather than from just one side. How my thoughts are like fire.

Earth and Sensation

How are our Sensations like the Earth?

How my feelings are like water, and my intuition is like the air. How when one of my areas thought feeling intuitive emotions are out. How do I balance that using the elements? Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.

From a seemingly completely scientific perspective, we see the synergies (that is the additional powers and influence an outcome when things work together) with this magnificent human form that we have – indeed, we are the alchemists.

In this chapter read and re-read.
Literally draw the concepts you’re reading.

Sure this gives rise to some special aha moments that you too can capture and feel a little like a young wizard or indeed for those who’ve seen the movie Fantasia, the little Mickey Mouse type creature when all the brooms are set dancing.

Geraldene Dalby-Ball

Elaway De’Ye’NgLi’Ta