Information is an interesting phenomenon. Reading or listening to Biocentrism (Robert Lanza and Bob Berman) invites our minds to stay in wonder at the natural world and glimpse (or fully jump into) the amazingness that is the perspective of what you see, feel, hear is all ín you and projected into the out there world.  Everything is a potential of a thing in Your Universe.  When you perceive it then it’s a thing and before that it is potential.   So stay with us – the book makes it easy as it unfolds through a story of the young Lanza shunned by school peers and teachers and persisting with curiosity none the less.  Biocentrism makes science accessible to everyone.  Indeed it says there is no science without you.  Bio = life and Centrism = centre.  So it’s a life form (consciousness) that is the essential centre looking out and creating life.


Chapter 4 Lights and Action

Despite circumstance and outsiders view points Lanza pictures himself winning a scientific award someday.  This ‘Future View’ is solid and eventuates.  Based in curiosity, persistence and listening to the inner observer of self rather than negativity from peers.

When his ability is known by scientists others saying his parents must be proud of him his reply is “they don’t know what I do”.  From persuading himself to go to Harvard and find a professor, from thinking he met a janitor who let him in (was a professor the Neurobiologist Kuffler author of From Neurons to Brain) and then explaining his work making white chooks black, being introduced to the lab and others working … then in his words “from then on was a dream come true’ including winning  the science fair with the chicken work!  Not all comfortable though – in fact a deep level of discomfort and questioning and observing is what carried through.

Childhood memories – in the woods!  A place to be a place to escape.  In his case to escape (from mental and physical impacts). A place for questioning – does something occur if no one is there to see it? A place for consequences – being bitten by an owl chick, frightened then awed by a Black Smith and more.

So it’s time for wondering what if.

When reading one may find themselves pondering – is there really there is no colour out there. Photons in the form of light that travel to your ‘’eyes’ are not coloured, they are not brining us a picture of out there.  Photons have no colour.  In our brains (and more)

Chapter 5 goes to Where is the Universe

Space, Time and Quantum theory – listen and read through on this story of a child in nature and society.  A wonder we all have and where it can take us.  Trigging the mind o what if there is nothing out there unless I perceive it.  Is everyones universe a bit different?

Question the Two Entities model (us and other).

Me is what I can control – I wiggle my finger so that is part of me.  Anything else is other and outside of me.

Questioning am I just a biological collection of cells and chemistry.  Is so what is Joy!  What is the feeling of deep profound peace and oneness that some experience (including that said to be felt by the 600 responders to a survey in the US)

Age old questions exist looking into who am I.  I think therefore I am, or is it I sense therefore I am, or I feel therefore I am or is it all or none of these.

Most Eastern philosophies are deeply based in separation being an illusion. So does science, particularly biocentrism assist us with.  Does the dance between the conscious observer and the Field (potential things occurring as energy) create the World we experience out there? Evidence in the book Biocentrism is indicating this so join us on Quantum Leap Book Club and explore the magnificence of what is and know you matter and make a difference in what can be.

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