In  chapter 4 of the Gratitude Effect,  John Demartini challenges us to look at what we do as a vocation or what most people look at as a ” job”  and explore the ways in which you can see what you do as a means of providing an income for yourself as a vocation. And secondly how this vocation can become a vacation. Now you may be saying to yourself , how is that possible. I am not on vacation when I have to go to work. Well these are the questions he challenges us to think about .

Being productive , he says is one of the most inspiring feelings a person can experience. Think of a time for a moment when you had a very productive day in whatever it is that you do .  How did that feel ? How did you your body feel ?Now think of a day that was not productive.  Compare the two experiences .I am sure that you will find that there is a difference no matter how menial the task or job was that you were doing.  Our perception and how we view our vocation or ” job ” as many call it will determine the level of productivity and ultimately the feelings we have.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be doing what they love . Some people may find themselves in doing a ” job” for the sake of collecting a paycheck . Or may say,   “But I don’t know what I want. ”  But he believes that deep down inside people know their heartfelt dreams and mission in life. They don’t admit this because they are living out one or more of the seven fears that hold them back.

  1. Not smart enough
  2. Fear of failure
  3. Fear of losing money or family
  4. Fear of rejection
  5. Afraid of breaking some spiritual or moral authority
  6. Fear of ill health/disease
  7. You experience all of them and this silences your intuition.

As long as these fears are there we will lie to ourselves and say  ” I don’t now what I want. ”  “Our souls are always calling us to what we truly love to do.”   Gratitude is the key to unlock the fearless living . We cannot experience gratitude and fear at the same time. The moment we step into gratitude we can see past the fears and see the possibilities.  Doors open that we did not realize were there.

So this is the true challenge. Look at what you are doing in your life in terms of a vocation.  How does it align with your values.  Maybe this particular job is a stepping stone to what you are working towards and not necessarily your ultimate goal. Still challenge yourself to see where the company’s  goals and mission statement can align with your values Throughout this book he speaks a great deal of aligning our values with what we do. This is the key. Once you can step into this space of gratitude then all possibilities open up to further making your vocation into a vacation. It is when you can wake each morning looking forward to a day of productivity that gives your life purpose.

It is this purpose that gives you the feeling of  ‘ Vacation”, to be able to say I love what I do . The feeling is like being on vacation happy and relaxed.

Maria Jacques