Remember last week when we finished up on page 114, one of the last points that we highlighted was that leaders should not be setting their countries’ strategies using limited, materialistic thinking, when the scope is so much greater.

Radu goes on to explain that there is an almost primal fear from the military whenever they can’t explain something or it’s beyond their capabilities. If they can’t know something, they instinctively judge it as threatening and treat it with hostility. They display a need for security but it disguises a deeper hidden desire to conquer and have power.

The world view resulting from this kind of thinking is hugely different from that held by the worlds inside the planet.

Radu also reflects on the type of people, like Dr. Xien, who have maintained the links between the inner and outer worlds.

He says that the powers and ramifications of the links between the exterior and interior of the planet are extraordinary.

And he says that even if this all seems strange and unreasonable in light of the world we know, these beings do exist. And he goes on to say that they “manifest their presence and influence at key times to sustain good”.

Radu speaks even more about all of the diplomacy involved and explains that when things reach a high enough level, the game of information becomes very delicate. In general, the give-and-take that results is constructive.  Basically, the nuances and psychology and complexity increase with the level, and when discussions are held with representatives of other worlds, emotions also play an important role.
Cezar has told Radu that discussions have gone through several phases. He says that the phase we’re in right now requires a process of “educating” human beings who are in the leadership roles and who have decision making power. And since this is only done in accordance with their own will and ability to understand, it requires a lot of patience and perseverance.