Chapter 9 of the book, “Matter into Feeling” by Dr. Wolf starts off linking the Hebrew letter-symbols for existence and resistance with life and reminding us that resistance is vital to life and for anything to come into existence. He had discussed resistance earlier in this book. He speaks of God creating the universe out of love.

He states that anything that is REAL has love at its heart. Planet Earth was created out of love and has love at its core. Wolf believes the purpose of living this life is to learn to see love and to express that love. He speaks of a larger form of love that connects solidly with AWE, MYSTERY AND DEVOTION. Wolf considers God as his Lover and asks reader; How does God show you his

He shares that many scientists are dedicated to seeking answers to the mysteries of the universe and to understand the world in some way. The battle exists between spirit and body with love as foundation .

 Life includes uncertainty and is ever changing. We tend to turn to our past for answers to the present. This never leads us to true answers as the past no longer exists and our memories are distorted.

 Interesting statement by Wolf – God creates problems for us by allowing us to make choices. The irony is that once we identify a problem, we fail to see its opposite and only keep reinforcing our problem.

 Truth is if anyone is suffering, you are suffering, and all are suffering. We witness the sense of helplessness in the faces of the very old and the very young. When we accept all others as connected to us, we can make a shift in our role. His example of complicating an issue that comes up in a relationship and creating a long-term problem when the appropriate response would be as simple as a hug. He advises the reader to not intellectualize everything into a problem.

 Common sense indicates that gratitude for living on our beautiful planet earth and the opportunity to experience love brings an outcome that surpasses all else in value and life quality. On page 164 he speaks of all being of one single awareness as has been proven by quantum physics. His concluding comment on page 169 is “we are merely reflections of a single mind in a multiple reflections looking glass”.

 Joyce Mollenhauer/Ukte’na

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