Is a possibility still a possibility if no one observes it?

A flow of unobserved infinite possibilities remain in the Imaginal Realm.
As we SEE (observe/put attention to) possibilities they coalesce (come together to make a whole) and move from being possible to being tangibly (in a real way that you can touch, feel, see, experience, etc) probably.

Each possibility really exists, even though not immediately evident.
So how do we work with this mass of possibilities and move probabilities to actualities?

Where did the possibilities come from?
Well a possibility is anything, anywhere any time and even in no space and in no time. A sea of possibilities exists – a field of information that responds when paid attention to.

Now from where do we get the visuals, thoughts, ideas, of the possibilities? And how do these thoughts and images appear in mind and play out like a mental rehearsal of the many variations – assisting us to make choices to move more towards one of the many presented.

Could it be from the Future?
Can the future stream information back to now?
We know the past can stream information to the now. Or do we? Actually that’s not the past sending information to now it is our right now memories and recalls of the past. Such memories are interpretations and may or may not represent a previous time.

Feedback from the future.

Do you love the line in Chapter 7 Feeling into Matter:

Energy is Natures way of remembering, keeping account of the delicate balance of natural processes.

Feelings involve Energy.

Memories of the past often contain sense perceptions. Such memorized perceptions can influence how we may like, or not, someone or something based on associations with that sense in the past (or the recounted past in memory).

Let’s go, for a moment, with the idea of information flowing from the future and from the past to this point called ‘now’.

Two streams meeting at the overlap.

An Observer and a Story Teller emerge when there is information flowing from now to the future and the future to now. You and I are our own story tellers. Do we sense and observe, or even question, the limitless options of possibilities before restricting them to probabilities? Or do we observe what we are use to. What we are comfortable with. What we are emotionally addicted too.

This ‘comfortable’ state of being that occurs through repetition of thought and feeling also creates a sense of personal ‘I’. A being of it’s own creation and re-creation. Changing the view of what is ‘comfortable’. Changing the view of who ‘i’ am as a personal ‘I’.  With each new ‘now’ there are new perspectives and new probabilities filtering out from the infinite possibilities.

Can you see where you can broaden your intake of information and potentials, even beyond your comfort zone, to then be consciously capable of allowing / enabling a more magnificent now and future (which is now). 

Geraldene Dalby-Ball
Elaway De’Ye’Ng Li’ta