Wolf talks about 2 streams of information , one from the past and one from the future and how their interaction produces the present moment

The Stream from the past Provides us with information that has helped us survive, it gives us things we should be aware of from what we have already experienced.

The other stream  from the future originates from our mind that is collapsing a new reality that may not be presently evident to the senses.

Double your pleasure

The information streams feeds both forward and backward , fit moves forward from information perceived in the form of feelings and perceptions and it feeds backwards in the form of intentions and thoughts.

The 2 step dance of life and memory

Every event shapes the probability of events to come.

Wolf refers to memories that come from the past as self reference  ,  and the new thoughts we are creating in the future he calls re-normalization these  two intertwine to create the reality of the present moment. The renormalization he talks about is us changing what is the present normal, to something new.

A model of future to present refinement

This explains mathematically how humans create reality energetically by using the data from the past and the future to create the present moment and are not bound to the past if we were simply a robot.

So, We can refine the details of the future by refining how I perceive things in the moment. With every thought I can  renormalize myself ,or change what is normal for me, to a better normal. So the same old same old becomes the past and I enter a new normal.