In this chapter John Demartini masterfully shows us how to promote someone from a pain in the neck to the person of your dreams. This chapter is key in learning how  to master the difficult relationships in our lives whereby we can transform any feeling of anger or frustration into gratitude.We have all had at one point in our lives that one person who has been the thorn in our side whether a family member, a coworker or friend or acquaintance. Recently in my life I have been very challenged to apply these principles to a relationship in my life and it has helped tremendously to look at the situation from the perspective that John Demartini outlines in this chapter.

If we want  people in our lives to live according to our values, we will be frustrated and unappreciative.  He tells us that when we can understand why they act the way they do we know their values, it is easier to figure out how this serves us.   ” No matter what they do it is wise to ask, ” How does it serve me?’

Think about this for a moment with a person in your life that you are challenged by.

Notice how asking this question changes things for you?  If at first this may seem difficult for you because the emotion is too intense or you feel justified in whatever feeling you have towards this individual,  think about it several times.  If your sincere desire is to transform this emotion to gratitude then surrender to a higher universal intelligence that surrounds us and ask for the assistance to show you how . Surrender to the moment of asking this question and sit in silence and observe the response you get and how you feel.  I can guarantee that you will be able to transform this. It has helped me tremendously.  This one simple question can carry such a punch of power. This one simple question can make all the difference in the world in how you approach life with a heart of gratitude and appreciation

If you can see how this serves you rather than their actions running your life, you will set yourself free.  Gratitude occurs when the mind is balanced. It’s so easy to be grateful for the positive thing and people in our lives who mach our values and support us. The key is in doing the same with those who don’t. When we are in a state of gratitude.  Gratitude allows us to enter into the place where we can see the opportunities that you would normally miss otherwise.

Who wouldn’t want to live in peace and harmony.  This is key . we are given the blueprint here of how to accomplish this in our lives and be happy.

Maria Jacques