When I reflect back on everything that we have read up to this point, I think what has had the most propound impact on me is realizing how much our current world view is limited by our prejudices.

Just the whole idea that there is a very rational scientific explanation for a whole different geology than I had come to accept is really eye-opening.  But that rational scientific explanation involves science that is beyond our current rationale.

I think that beyond even the excitement that I feel for Radu as he prepares himself mentally for this expedition, is the excitement that I feel simply by suddenly being willing to accept that there is another away to look at things.

And that is so fundamental, so basic, so core, that possibilities are endless.  I have heard and read wise peoples’ words, and always marvelled and wondered what they meant when they preached that enlightenment would completely overturn our sense of reality.  After eavesdropping on Radu’s discussions with Cezar and Dr. Xien, I believe that I now understand a little better.

I think that the scientific community has been way too lax at pursuing alternate theories, and has conveniently disregarded data, observations and theories that run counter to prevailing thought.

What is clear to me is that whether or not I believe what Radu has written in this book, I have to accept that the scientific explanations that he presents are at least as valid as the conventional model.

And therefore need to be given the same degree of scrutiny and consideration as other more “traditional” theories.