SUMMARY OF Chapter 6 – Matter Into Feeling  – Fred Alan Wolf

Sex – information flowing backwards from the future

Wolf talks about an information stream from the future that manifests as an intuition and attraction between mates. The attraction arises from the information that the combination of the two specific genetic when combined will give the progeny a better chance of survival when combined. Since the base motive of the organism is survival the attraction to survive becomes the attraction to the other mate in an intuitive and primal way. There is a clash between the need to keep things as they are and the need to evolve and change.

Time streams from the future and molecular evolution

Wolf talks about how we evolve at a molecular level. The changing or evolving of the molecules in our bodies and the functions those changes allow ,are essential for life to exist in the first place ,and account for the ability we have to adapt to new environments. We are actually being created and formed as we progress through generations.

Evidence of the future influencing the present

Wolf talks about how cells adapt to future changes in the environment with a combination of a type of intuition and by creating many variants to account for different environments.

Quantum mechanical evidence of non locality

Wolf describes how  traits needed to survive environments are shared through a species even if the members of the species are in different places. The information is shared energetically and does not have to be passed physically.

Why quantum physics information?

Wolf talks about the nature of quantum information exchange and how at the quantum level of infinite possibilities, the appropriate changes to molecules are selected in order to allow us to evolve and adapt to changing environments.