Here’s a potentially challenging concept.

What if the diversity of life arose due to the information flowing from the ‘future’ back to you (or anyone / anything) that could have offspring and influenced the reproductive cells to combine in such a way that they have the new, or turned on, gene sequences that will enable the future offspring to cope well within a future changed environment.

Well that is one of the concepts explored in Chapter 6 of Matter into Feeling where we are asked to consider:

“that sexual energy arises from the body’s response to time streams calling to it from the future. Like receiving a “phone call” from our offspring yet to be conceived”

Then there’s the great illustrative description of time as waterwalls.  One, the spiritual stream, flowing from the future to the present time and another, the scientific stream, from the past to the present.  Where the waters meet is a great turmoil and energy in the collision of the streams.  Both highly influential on our being in the present moment.  Including the stirring up of new ways of being.  New gene sequences and the turning on/off of existing genes (see epi-genetics) with epi meaning over or on top of.  So epigenetics is an action that sits above (and influences) gene expression. 

Hear more of this seemingly way out idea and how it can make sense on Quantum Leap Book Club.

Elaway De’Ye’Ng Li’ta

Geraldene Dalby-Ball