“We make assumptions what others are doing or thinking. We take it personally and we blame then by sending emotional poison with our words”
Quote from The Four Agreements by Don MIquel Ruiz

In this quote the author describes how we often break all 3 agreements (making assumptions, taking things personally and using our words in an emotional reaction)

For example, your partner promised to call you during the day. Yet, there is no call coming in. If we have a negative mindset, we will have negative assumptions. We might assume he/she is hiding something from us, or even worse he/she does not care about us. So we start blaming the partner by using words which are based on negative assumptions and feeling hurt personally.

Do not assume, instead ask questions

Another way how we could jeopardize our relationship by assuming what the partner wants, likes and thinks. Especially over some years we think we know our partner well. We think we so we do not need to ask anymore. So, for years we might do things for our partner, which are not what he/she really wants. We hold false assumptions and the partners increasingly feels not understood and loved. Ask questions and clarify especially in a relationship which exists since many years.

Allowing the other to be by not taking things personally

Each relationship can move into a situation where we trigger the other persons reactions. Often based on old wounds and false beliefs about them, like I am unlovable. In this situation we can experience a strong negative emotional reaction from our partner. Not to take it personally (agreement no. 2) can help us to stay away from taking that emotional poison. We can allow the other to be without getting poisoned by the triggered reaction.
And it is as important not to listen to our own conditioned mind and react with defensiveness and blame.

Make agreements with your partner to not taking things personally and to not hold assumptions. Support each other to hold these agreements.

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by Rosemarie Heyer, Co-host