A strong assertion of scientists has been that pressure increases immensely and matter becomes increasingly dense when one descends to the core of the planet. Their conclusions result from rigid dogmas of materialistic origin. Sometimes the logic appears reasonable when the reality of the situation in fact actually contradicts it. It is interesting that the experiment conducted by Henry Cavendish in 1799 in an effort to calculate the density of the planet continues to be the only method science relies on even today. Cavendish’s experiment was based on assumptions using two lead balls with no electrical activity in an effort to calculate the mass of our planet, Earth. The fact that within Earth giant electric currents are displayed was not even a consideration with the deduction Cavendish came to and the support he received from the scientific community.  Our discussion on April 21 included the fact that our planet’s electromagnetism influences gravity and the continued reluctance of scientists to break out of their dogma.

This amazing book “Inside the Earth” introduces us, the readers, to information, many of us might never have reached out to acquire. We are rapidly approaching the details of Radu’s experience when he enters the first layer of our planet.  We feel included in the journey due to the skill of Radu as an author.