In looking at the world today and reflecting on what we are reading for Quantum Leap Book Club in the book, The Holograph Universe by Michael Talbot, I began to think about the idea that all I am seeing is energy taking the form of matter.  If all is just a holographic image, as Chapter Two in the book implies, then I am really looking at an illusion, thinking that it is real.  What a crazy thought!

It all seems real to me.  Yet the building blocks of everything is the atom, and Quantum Science is proving that the atom is 99.99999% energy and only 0.00001% matter. So, if everything we think is physical is really mostly energy, including ourselves, then can we work with it differently.  Quantum Science says the physicality shows up when it is being observed by an observer.  Better yet, it responds to our thoughts and energy.  So physical things are physically real from one perspective, yet from another they are just energy frequencies responding to us.

Sometimes this seems to be difficult to get my mind around.  Even more so, how can what I think and feel have an effect on what appears to be quite solid?  How can we learn how to connect in with this field of energy to create what we want in our lives.  As energy and matter, we should be able to speak to both, and have an impact on both.  Truth is, we do this every day, just sometimes quite unconsciously.

We should begin to learn and create consciously.  How cool would our world and life be then?

We are quantum beings with greater power than we realize, and I think it is time for all of us to wake up to the fact, learn as much as we can, and apply it; actually, become it!  What would it be like to wave you hand and have a wonderfully cooked meal appear on the table?  Or what would it be like to consciously move your awareness to another location and experience an event that you always wanted to attend, whether it be in the past, currently in the now, or in the future?  Think about how much fun you could have!

I hope you can join me and my co-hosts on Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network to explore these ideas.

Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok: