Taking it a bit further, while reading chapter 4 in the book The Holograph Universe by Michael Talbot, I found that the author summarizes the idea of the holographic brain quite well at the end of the chapter.

First, the mind/body cannot distinguish between what the brain interprets from the external stimuli it receives and the internal stimuli it conjures up in the imagined reality it creates.  In other words, both the external stimuli and the internal imaginal stimuli have an effect on the mind and body of the individual, and both can be almost equally powerful.  This is demonstrated by the studies of musicians or athletes physically practicing a skill or mentally running it through their minds.  Both show similar improvement, while those that don’t practice at all really show no improvement.  This explains why we may feel stressed or create illness in our bodies simply by focusing on the stories our mind is creating.

The second point made in this chapter is that the stories or the focus points that our thoughts follow come from past experiences, beliefs, prejudices, hopes and fears, attitudes; thus, what we have put into our brains.  We have reactions both dramatic and subtle.  Some we notice and some we don’t.  The power is in becoming aware of these and choosing our response.  We can put in new knowledge and new experiences to create new ways of thinking and being.  Pretty cool.  We can choose to be the master of our own ship, our body.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay