Dr. Xien comments to Radu that scientists generally despise or disregard spirituality and metaphysics because they can’t measure it. But, that if they would approach, even the most basic concepts with an open mind, they would see that it is not only possible, but true. Instead, they fight fiercely to prove that spirituality is the invention of unrealistic people.

Let’s face it, how often do movies, books and TV shows purposely make characters who believe in such things, look unstable or foolish?
Too often I would say!
Remember, the characters roles are written so as to convey that exact message. There is a whole lot of inertia that gets involved whenever anyone tires to buck the “party line”. Kind of like pushing a rope uphill.

I was thinking that society has a poor opinion of anyone who tries to go outside the boundaries of accepted science. Witness programs on TV that cast “ghost hunters” and the like as slightly deranged.

He then states very firmly that the evolution of the human being, and all his sciences, cannot take place without spirituality being involved. The concepts of materialistic science are much too limited. As long as science stays rooted in the ideas, concepts and materialistic prejudices, human evolution cannot advance.

Scientists must be able to measure the phenomena predicted by their materialistic theories. But their measurements, which are at best, approximations because of the inherent inaccuracies of their equipment, give the impression that phenomena occur, or behave a certain way, a certain percentage of the time.

And when pressed to explain why the phenomena did not occur the rest of the percentage of the time, they avoid the issue and suggest some future science will explain.

They do not even think of letting go of materialistic thinking.