Dr. Xien then tells Radu that everything that manifests in the material plane, from the biggest to the smallest, is born because of an energetic vortex that appears in the material plane as a black hole.

He went on to explain that the role of the central black hole is top serve as a converter of matter.  It takes in matter and it creates matter.  And he said, scientists have already seen evidence of this in the emissions of waves and chains of particles from black holes, by they have failed to recognize it for what it is.

It is the special characteristics of the black hole that the size, weight and balance of the planet is maintained.

One can image a gigantic choreography where cosmic dust and matter, which is the result of waves and chains of particles spewed out by the black hole, is accumulating on the surface of the Earth while erosion and the absorption of material being sucked into the black hole is perfectly balanced.

Radu reflects that mainstream science does not want to analyze the ideas that are outside the bounds of what they consider to be “normal thinking”.  He says that when science doesn’t have a credible explanation, it will find excuses that leave you mixed up.

I was thinking that this is not only true of scientists; it’s true about society in general.  Many people would rather believe something that fits into their image of life and society, even if there is evidence to the contrary, than consider some other possibility.

Radu then asks what we would see at the center of the cross-section of the planet if we were looking from outer space.  Dr. Xien responds “a black vacuum”.  He mentions that some people would also see a weak sparkling light, like glitter.

When Radu pursues this and asks why only some people, Dr. Xien explains that some people are deeply rooted in concept of materiality, and that has a heavy nature.  Even though they accept matter is energy, they still treat everything as if it can exist only in the material world.

Dr. Xien goes on to say that the gap between scientific conception that is limited only to the material plane, and spirituality is huge, and that it stops any meaningful progress toward an understanding of the universe.