Dr. Xien has just told Radu that if he tries to visualize physically moving towards the center of the planet, by digging or whatever, that he will reach a point, at about 2000 km deep, as he moves through the transition into the etheric plane, where, strictly from a materialistic point-of-view, where he would no longer see anything.

Radu is still having a hard time wrapping his mind around all of this says, “still I need to perceive something”.

Dr. Xien replies that that it doesn’t even make sense to think the way you have to think in order to make that statement.

He uses the metaphor of trying to bring ice close to a fire and expecting it to stay as it is.  Obviously, it will change form and become liquid and/or vapor.  Likewise you can’t expect to move closer to the center of the Earth without changing form, or transforming, because as he says, “As you move inward, there are transformations to higher states of vibrational frequency that are imperceptible to ordinary (materialistic) instrumentation or perception”.

So, breaking that down,

there are transformations…that are imperceptible … to ordinary … perception.

But Radu is not one let that slow him down and he replies, so how do I see this transformation?  You have to empathize with Radu a bit here.  He’s about to head off on this extraordinary excursion and he wants to know what to look for.

Dr. Xien tells him that its like been at the “event horizon” where you would see some lights acting like a whirlwind being attracted to and disappearing into the center of the black hole.

Radu then comes back to the image of the cross-section through the earth and so Dr. Xien spells it out for him.

  • Section through solid crust
  • Interior cavities or “swiss cheese” effect, getting more extensive moving towards the center.
  • Lava liquid bed (note transition form “solid” material to “liquid” lava is also indicative of moving to another plane.
  • Then just see empty space or the way the mantle is being absorbed by the black hole. He says the absorption can look like wires of light.