So, to pick up where we left off on page 78 last week, let’s remember that Radu has just witnessed a holographic-like projection of a being in a long monk-like robe appear, make a gesture of familiarity and then disappear.

And then Cezar kind of matter-of-factly says, “His name is Dryn, pronounced Drian. He is one of the wise men we are headed to.”  He goes on to tell Radu that he has met Dryn many times before and that they have collaborated together.  He says that seeing him only confirms that the Inner Earth people are waiting for them.

He makes a statement that I puzzelled over.  He says, ”The travel we will make now has already been programmed”.  Programmed in what way?  For what? What do you mean, programmed?  I guess we’ll find out what he means once the actual

Cezar leaves a briefcase inside the entrance to the tunnel and then they both leave.  Cezar doesn’t offer any explanation as to what’s in the briefcase, or why he’s leaving it there.  But Radu realizes that some things are simply above his pay grade and he wisely keeps silent.

At this point Radu starts to reflect on some of the things that Cezar had shared with him about his travels.  Radu realizes that this is a very complicated situation and that managing all of the connections, relationships and alliances with the Inner Earth people is very complex.  And that maintaining them in light of all of the necessary secrecy and politicking.

He has recognized that while some very powerful governments are interested to learn those secrets, an even greater threat comes from some cult groups and organizations, who exercise very strong control, and even have an agenda of conquest.

So basically there are a lot of very powerful and motivated groups who are interested in the secrets held at this facility.

He realizes that this situation has even become more complex over the years, and recalls some ultra-secret meetings that were held for a very select Romanian-American group that had only a few members.  These meeting were usually held right after Cezar returned from one of his excursions inside the Earth.