Cezar goes to explain to further about this third way to access the Inner Earth, with an example that Radu can relate to.

He tells him that King Arthur and his knights were aware of this passage, and were known to regularly go to the Land, or Island, of the Wise Men.  This land, or island was not on the material plane but was reached by entering into a fog on a lake.

As I read that part I couldn’t help thinking of all of the stories and movies that deal with something on the other side of the fog.  Perhaps it’s reasonable to consider that those stories are actually based on some solid scientific priciples.

Cezar says that this was very clearly depicted in a carving of one of King Arthur’s boats which is shown  sailing on a lake beneath the water.   I searched for a copy of the etching but I haven’t found it yet.  I do remember though, that in the stories of King Arthur, he had a powerful and magic sword, Excaliber.  And I also remember that he is given the sword by a woman who come out of the mist in the lake.  So …..

The etching also shows a snake eating its tail, making an oval shape.

This is called the ouroboros snake and is a common symbol in many ancient traditions.  It is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. 

Cezar says that it means a connection to the vacuum energy and crossing from the material plane to the higher plan of manifestation, which is etheric.  Then he goes on to say that the crossing is done though a singularity, which to me means a black hole.

So, we’re back again with creation through a black hole!

Cezar says that the etchings give an idea of the level of initiation that King Arthur and his knights had achieved.  For example, the fact that the famed castle of Avalon has never been found … because it doesn’t exist materially in this dimension.

Cezar tells Radu that history and culture have relegated King Arthur, and the stories about him, to the realm of myth and legend.  But that’s only because its more convenient than accepting them at face value which would then force a review of basic cultural beliefs.  The justification is that there is no evidence.  But how can you have material evidence for something that does not exist in the material plane.

There are lots of other examples and Cezar mentions El Dorado, the legendary City of Gold, and Troy.