Radu asks DR. Xien how he would ask the question about Inner Earth and what’s really there.  DR. Xien explains the standard accepted theory that the core of the earth is a solid iron and nickel ball.  And goes on to say that this explanation is blindly accepted by the population in general even though there is no real evidence.

Radu argues back that these theories are base on observations and measurements and surely …they    have    to    be    right?

All the while he’s making this argument, he’s actually realizing that his arguments are his preconceptions based on … the known science of the day.

Radu challenging DR. Xien regarding the “scientific proof” that have been determined by researchers and scientists.  Cannot unite something True with something False.  ??

Cezra responds with the example of the magician.  All the evidence points to one explanation, but that is entirely incorrect.  Nothing is true about it; it’s false.  The truth is actually what the magician did that was not observed, the true reality, and it has no similarity to the theory.

He says some researchers are like that:  They observe something and create an explanation in their minds and then only really explore the perspectives which support their vision.

DR. Xien talks about the idea that the core of the earth is a sold metal sphere made up of iron and nickel.  And that the effect of it spinning inside a molten magma exterior causes friction and heat and magnetism.

What I found very interesting is that he says that it’s normal and totally understandable based on the limited understanding of science they had to work with.   There is a saying that says when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

Logical answer but not sufficient

Radu then says he made the argument about measurements by seismic waves and said “there must be something generating this magnetic field then, isn’t there?”

Dance between:

  • the electric field
  • the magnetic field
  • matter

Picture a clock:

  • 8-12 electric field
  • 12-4 magnetic field
  • 4-8 matter

When I use the word field, I want you to kind of visualize a wave, that kind of gentle up and down motion.

Rotating clockwise we imagine we have the wave of electric field and then move into the wave of the magnetic field. 

Well, we all have experienced what its like when two big waves come together, there’s a expanding when the two effects are added together.  Matter is the electric field and the magnetic field concentrated together

Condensation: the conversion of a gas to a liquid, or perhaps another way to look at it, from an invisible to a manifest state.

Matter is a wave, a ripple, 3 components: mass, time, and space.

Mass is condensed matter.  Think about condensation.  Doesn’t it feel like the water just pops out of nowhere?  Haven’t we all been told we can manifest out of nothing?

So, when matter gets concentrated is can condense out to manifest as mass.

Space corresponds to the electric field.

Time correspond to the magnetic field.

The ripple of matter components, rotating counter-clockwise starting with matter.  We move to time and space. 

The magnetic field of the earth is the “wave” of our planet’s physical presence in the universe. An echo of its presence in space and time.

A planet is not just a sphere