I found myself pondering yesterday on the role of reading in my life. It is true that reading can be entertainment and even a source of relaxation in moments when life can be intense. However, reading to learn is an important feature of our show called Quantum Leap Bookclub. Our current book by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, is a powerful example of information and strategies to put in action to become a new and happier person. In considering what I could share with our listeners yesterday, I realized  too often in my life I  have read material because I had a strong interest and yet  I neglected to consider how I could use what I was reading. In researching the vast amount of information available to us about the frequency of electrical activity in our brain that can be measured  in cycles per second,  I came to realize I desire to use this information along with a realization of how I can use it. 

 There are two important reasons. First, with an understanding and an awareness of the different levels of brain waves, we can be better prepared to understand the behavior and thinking of our children from birth to old age. The second immense value is to learn to manage our brain waves to our advantage in order to live a fuller and more productive and joyful life.  Once we grasp the effect we create  and experience in our thoughts and behavior when our brain electrical activity moves from one frequency to another, the benefit becomes obvious . In my next article I will share how I see myself managing my brain waves to my advantage.