In studying Chapter 7 of the book that we are currently discussing on Quantum Leap Book Club, I found myself pondering my involvement in the vast universe related to my personal universe. This mind stimulating book, “Matter into Feeling” by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, has given me the opportunity to explore how expansive our universe is and to examine my perception of how I fit. The title of this chapter, “The Eye to the Universe”, in my opinion is an invitation to the reader to contemplate your role.

I personally have found it thought provoking to consider that the future has the potential of creating our present life in a more powerful way than focusing on the past. Dr. Wolf discusses our tendency to explain present circumstances related to our past with the result of limited conclusions. To quote the author on page 141, “the past is re-membered, re-assembled, re-built, as a real, past, absolutely fixed-in-the-mind event”. The amazing fact is research has proven that our memories of the past are totally inaccurate. Dr. Wolf has discussed this fact earlier in the book. When we hold the past as the mirror of what we create in the present, the result is frequently undesirable.

This chapter introduces the fact that the future is the source of how our present moments unfold and how the influence moves in two directions. Dr. Wolf labels the movement from future to present as “feedback” and the movement from present to future as “feedforward”. Again, to quote from the author. “Feedback from the future appears to the mind as intuition and thought. Feedforward from the past appears as feelings and perceptions of senses.”

In sharing these few thoughts from the chapter, my intent is to stimulate your thoughts to the point you take time to explore this chapter along with the entire book. I guarantee the result will be an expansion of your mind and a greater sense of how you fit into our vast universe.

Joyce Mollenhauer, cohost

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