As we live, we live moment to moment.  In each moment there is a sensing.  In each moment there is a feeling.  And in each moment of sensing and feeling, we make a choice.  Even if we don’t consciously choose something, we have made a choice.

In “Matter Into Feeling”, the author Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, speaks of this time stream, or how we interpret time, in the living from moment to moment.  During this flow of moments, we literally create a new self, a new path, a new life.  We choose what we want to do next based on our memories, and instincts or intuition, what we are receiving from our senses, and on the feelings that present themselves.  It seems that it is a lot to take in, and it is!  Our brains and bodies process millions of bits of information, whether we are aware of it or not.  New information in from our senses, new memories and intuition, new feelings and new choices.  Interesting we do this every second without realizing it.

Life truly is magic, and our brains, bodies, and consciousness are amazing, powerful and magical too.  In order to have direction and guide ourselves through our lives, don’t you think you should think and learn about how amazing you are?  Take your power! Join us for ideas on how to claim your power on Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network,

Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by Pexels from Pixabay