Dr.  Joe Dispenza in his book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”  leads us through  a journey in science along with practical tips to achieving the goal of becoming a new and different and improved self. 

In Part one of this book, he has discussed the quantum basics with the interaction between matter, thought and energy. Particularly enlightening to our minds and habits is the potential effects we can experience due to the fact that we exist in a vast, invisible field of energy. 

In my early years as a nurse, there was no widespread understanding of the quantum presence.  In our nursing education, we were taught many very depressing ideas of the limits of healing possibilities from disease. It is a great blessing that medical knowledge has advanced compared to that time of history. 

Today it is a known fact this field of energy responds to our thoughts and feelings.  Dr. Joe introduces us to the truth that we have the very real ability to create our lives (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually) to meet our dreams of what we want to experience. This is a powerful reason to pay close attention to the total presentation Dr Joe leads us through as we discuss this book on Quantum Leap Book Club. 

 The information this author shares about the brain earlier in the book gives us a strong base to understand why we can benefit from mastering meditation as one method to “break the habit of being yourself”. 

Now we are in Part 3 where our author leads us to  understand the deliberate steps we can follow to achieve the level of meditation skills to take us to being a new person. He has moved us from the science to now looking at some practical steps to learn. 

Today we are discussing important and basic details in Chapter 9 as we step towards our new destiny.  To build the expertise of meditation, there are some very functional steps to first consider and then to practice. Our goal obviously includes the desire for the meditative process to become a natural  and daily experience. These steps can be compared to the process of learning and mastering any new skill. It is helpful to  recognize our goal is to build a new neural network. Earlier in our book, we have acknowledged the vast potential of the brain with its potential of 1000 trillion synaptic connections. With each of the trillion connections having 12 zeroes, can you get your head around the 15 zeroes in total connections possible between the nerve cells in our brain.   This is the basics of how our brain serves us as more neurons connect with neighboring neurons.  

Chapter 9, our focus today on August 11,  is opening the door to the reader to the process and preparation involved in meditation. A starting point is to assess your environment. It is important to consider your physical comfort such as temperature, distractions from pets, family members, noises in the street outdoors, your phone and computer. Often a blindfold is very helpful. It is excellent if a special spot in your home can be dedicated for meditating. A chair that allows for sitting with limbs uncrossed and relaxed. Position yourself in a chair which ensures you can sit straight and your back vertical. Another option is to sit cross legged on the floor on a cushion if desired. 

 If you experience your head nodding, this is not unusual as entering slower brain wave frequency, our bodies are accustomed to moving into sleep. With daily practice, eventually the body will move past its old habit of falling asleep. It is a matter of consistent daily practice which leads to over time mastering the art of meditation.

Joyce Mollenhauer cohost Quantum Leap Book Club

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